Learn WordPress Development : Make a Real-time WordPress Project

  • How to install WordPress – Live server/Local server – Xampp.
  • Adding theme/ Plugins and usage of plugins.
  • Explaining user profiles and responsibilities.
  • Creating Home page and other pages.
  • Adding Blogs, articles.
  • Adding contact form.
  • Responsive integration with WordPress (Bootstrap3 and above version).
  • How to Program in WordPress: WordPress’s Four Key Technical Languages.
  • How WordPress Talks to Your Web Browser: “Server-Side” and “Client-Side” in WordPress.
  • WordPress Development Core Principle: WordPress’s Hooks System.
  • Customize WordPress themes.
  • Work with WordPress theme Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields.
  • Create custom WordPress theme tags.
  • Build a full custom WordPress website.
  • Design and Implement Custom WordPress Page Templates.
  • Develop custom WordPress theme sidebars.
What You will learn after the course.

You will be able to make WordPress site your own like a professional WordPress developer and able to do freelance work, website design or get job easily.

Note : This course will be practical only same as how a professional WordPress developer does while making a Real-time project. This course will be delivered to individual until he/she capable of finishing a project. At the end of this course you will have a Real-time website. Duration of this course will be 6 to 7 days.

Price : Rs. 8500 INR

Any doubt regarding the course feel free to contact me here or drop a mail to rahul080292@gmail.com


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Learn Drupal Development : Build a customized Drupal website

  • Installing/setup Drupal8 on server.
  • Basics of content creation.
  • Basics of site Configuration.
  • Creating a simple site - Content.
  • Creating a simple site – Blocs.
  • Creating a simple site - Menus.
  • Extending Drupal – Core Module, Forum Module etc.
  • Creating a simple site – Content Types.
  • Text format and Visual Editors.
  • Media – image styles, responsive image, and files.
  • Drupal user roles.
  • Drupal theming.
  • Deployment and managing a Drupal site.
What You will learn after the course.

In this Learning Drupal 8 training course, I will teach you the basic building blocks for creating a customized Drupal website. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no experience with Drupal is required.

You will start by learning how to install Drupal, then jump into learning the basics of content creation. From there, I will teach you about site configuration and how to create content, blocks, and menus for a simple site. I will also cover views, text formats and visual editors, media, and how to use taxonomy. You will also learn about views exposed and contextual filters, as well as theming. Finally, you will learn how to deploy and manage a Drupal site.

Once you have completed this Drupal training course, you will be creating and maintaining your own customized Drupal websites.

Price : Rs. 12,000 INR

Any doubt regarding the course feel free to contact me here or drop a mail to rahul080292@gmail.com

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